Shark Naked ...and other urban myths - Lyrics

Throw Me a Line

Words and Music by Kevin Coates

Wind sweeps over ocean wave

I see the body, water grave

Its bloated face down in muddy shore

Don't want to be here anymore


Homecoming time for fifty men

Welcome their small time saints again

Go through the motions, please the crowd

Good thing they can't hear me think out loud

I could snap them in two, they don't know me

Can't predict what I'd do, they don't know me.


Please throw me a line

Time to take what is mine

I've been up for so long

Waiting for the chance

to tumble down

All the lights out

Not a sound

Alive today.

Trains keep pushing right on time, but

something's wrong with the midnight line

Cars collide like dominoes

Broken face wears a fiery glow.

Shock the weak, feed the curious

They've never seen loss of life like this

Young mother thanks her lucky stars

Her family walks her to the car

With just one foot inside, she looks back now

Her tears have finally dried, must move on now.

If Shakespeare Had a Sister

Words and Music by Kevin Coates

If Shakespeare had a sister

She'd have lived a life of pain

Where women had to look their best

and sit quietly on a chain

Creativity was silenced

Like a flower torn apart

If Shakespeare had a sister

She'd hide a broken heart.

You remind me of a story

How you choose each crafted word

You're clever and you're twisted

It's a shame you're seldom heard

Your poetry shines like diamonds

Every observation's true

If Shakespeare had a sister

I know she'd be like you

You tackle life's big questions

A philosopher set free

You wonder if it's worth it all

To be or not to be

You fear the green-eyed monster

that invades your private dreams

You wake to see the mystery

that things are never as they seem.

A comedy of errors

has left you in this world

The men you've loved have closed your doors

You've remained a little girl

But you still see through the darkness

And you dance in solitude

If Shakespeare had a sister

I know she'd be like you.

Your dreams, they shine like diamonds

And your genius is overdue

If Shakespeare had a sister

I know she'd be like you

If Shakespeare had a sister

I know she'd be like you.


Words and Music by Kevin Coates


And she says,

"Why don't you pick yourself off the floor?"

As she throws the remote through the open door

But I don't hear a thing she says

Her words go right through my head

As I dream of infidelity.

I was reading all about

how America killed the Kennedys

And how inside each twisted lie

a glimpse of truth survived

As I turn each congested page

I think of those worn out days

When love came unexpected

with passion and drive.

I switch on the T.V.

Two romantics set to drown

in rules and conventions

that crawl in without a sound

Yeah, soon they'll end up cut in two

With nothing better to do

than imagine starting over

With no one else around.


Three years ago this morning

I asked you to be mine

I screamed up to the bathroom window

With Romeo in mind

Yeah, sometimes I can't figure out

what this commitment and love's all about

And if those guys are ever happy

who leave it all behind.

Alone In a Crowd (Thirteen Days)

Words and Music by Kevin Coates

I saw the smoke from two miles away

It raised its head to take a look around

Never thought it could happen to me

Never thought it could make that sound.

Two men lashed out, the rest just pushed through

Without a clue of what was going on

Insipid dog clawed its way through the earth

Expecting bones before the crack of dawn.


Oh, we're alone in a crowd

Feeling like the only ones

when the crash comes to town

We'll be ready

As ready as two can be

Two, alone in a crowd.

Real Hollywood, without all the glamour

All lights, all cameras and action

Real horror, with Burgess and Butthead

Broken families, extremists and factions

A microcosm of life in the 90s

Not knowing how to react to real drama

We've only seen it on T.V.s and movies

We may have seen it, but we've never felt it



Unprepared for a real situation

When people get hurt, when heroes feel strong

From a distance it looked so easy

Never thought it could be so wrong.

Yellow sirens and men in strange costumes

Bring out the floodlights or drink till you fall

Thirteen days and the smoke just keeps rising

Thirteen days and the smoke keeps on rising.

Cry No More

Words and Music by Kevin Coates

City taxi makes its rounds

Faceless numbers hit the town


Another twilight symphony.

See the green light, then turn around

Swerve to miss this angry crowd

that thinks

they've earned a permanent right of way.

Six months seems like forever

since I'd realized my dreams were no different than the rest

But soon I'm gonna have to change this dance

'Cause things seem frozen and I look a mess.


I don't wanna cry no more

I don't wanna stand on this side of the door

Just wish you were here like you were before

I feel like a song without a chorus.

Sirens shock the pigeons away

Jackson Browne sang about this day

You said

you liked the earrings with the crooked smile.

Round the block we met accordion man

You threw a quarter but you missed his can

Too bad

but perfect aim gave way to style.

Your jokes went on forever

And half way through we gave up

and watched you laugh till the end

Wish I remembered even one punch line

Maybe this twisted world would make some sense.



We used to think that we had it made

That there was no one like us

and that the world could be saved

I still believe that our ideals were true

But I can't believe I have to go alone

Without any help from you.


Words and Music by Kevin Coates

We're always caught in these cycles

Moving faster and faster

Always locked in these cycles

With no place to get off, no

Whirlwind speed, can't see nothing

Moving faster and faster

Try to focus on something

Just goes by without recognizing.

The cameras are shut off this one time

And the courtroom's emptied

With a shoeshine grin

And a pack of Marleys.

It made the final issue

But it ain't no centrefold

Just an angry blemish

Exploding in a broken cup


Squeeze your head till it won't grow no more

Lock the rabbit inside its cage

Stay away from these cycles

'Cause the plane is coming in

It don't take no prisoners

It don't pull no punches

Stay away from these cycles.

Never thought you could be like your father

But you're proving me wrong, yeah

You never wanted to be like your father

But he's there to haunt you.

We're always caught in these cycles

Moving faster and faster

Always locked in these cycles

With no place to get off, no


Words and Music by Kevin Coates


I don't know why but I think I'm

Falling For You

I'm not the kind who's used to

losing control

Been a month away and still I'm

Falling For You

I don't know why but I think I'm falling,

Falling For you.

Burned out

on this dusty road

I'd like to turn around

I'd like to shut it down

Cold nights

as the towns pass by

I see the lost and found

I see them reaching out for something new.


Can't breathe

in this one horse town

Pale bouncer turns around

Belts out 'another round'

Red lights

Got me thinking back

to what I left behind

And I keep on coming back to you

Must be reaching out for something new.


I never thought that we had too much in common

I'd hate the way that you'd just stay out all night

You used to drive me with your trivia and questions

But now I guess I miss your laugh

and how we used to fight

Yeah, I guess I miss smile

Wanna hold you all night.

Tonic and Gin

Words and Music by Kevin Coates

I never thought that I could leave her

I never thought I'd go this far

I never thought she'd take me seriously

And now I'm left alone

Looking at the stars

It hit me hard, it drove me mad

An uppercut that hit me bad

But now I'm back on my feet

Gonna have the best time I ever had.


I'm gonna trade her up

I'm gonna trade her in

I'm gonna get on out

Ain't gonna let her win

I'll be smilin' tonight

Gonna trade her in for tonic and gin.



Done alright in this new lifestyle

Done alright out on my own

Done alright without a friend in the world

But I never feel I'm totally alone

I raise a glass, I raise it high

To fighting dogs who never die

To broken wings and borrowed grins

And empty hearts that never ask why.


I'll be smilin' tonight

Gonna trade her in for tonic and gin.

She Hears Lullabies

Words and Music by Kevin Coates

Her mother always said she was

destined for a ride

She loved roller coasters

Eyes open wide, and the

neighbours watched their darling

They all watched their darling grow

They watched her grow.

School came easy for her

She couldn't wait to learn

As teenagers pushed and pulled she'd

always wait her turn, and some

sensed an easy target

She trusted they were so sincere

She'd never fear, and now


She hears lullabies from long ago

She plays solitaire and sleeps alone

Pulls her clothes off, looks in the mirror

Darkness grips her like a fever, oh

It won't let go.

Weekends are the worst time

for cold rainy nights

She flips through faded photos

then turns out the light, but she

can't erase the picture

The memory crawls back every time

It crawls inside, and now



It won't let go, it won't let go

Her whole life's been cut in two now

No one tells her what to do now

No one tells her anything at all.

She hears lullabies from long ago

She plays solitaire and sleeps alone.

Three Bags Full

Words and Music by Kevin Coates

In a hotel off the beaten track

Duncan hides out till the coast is clear

He just lost his shirt, and shoes and pants

betting ponies at The Velvedeer

Two more hours and he'll head for home

where addiction is a nasty word

And he'll convince his bride, he'll win big soon

In spite of what she may have heard.


Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full

Grand illusions

Fill Three Bags Full.

Molly takes her clothes off for a modest fee

And she dances "When The Levee Breaks"

As she worms her way inside the hearts

of the glassy-eyed business snakes

She always said "just one more year"

then she'd have enough to go to school

But it's been ten hard years, her daughter

understands the symptoms of a fool.



Balloons don't leave the ground when they're pumped with lies

The black sheep pulls the wool over hopeful eyes

And candy coated stories

are just like putting out fire

with gasoline.

In a hotel off the beaten track

Duncan still believes he'll win the race

And Molly steps onto the smoky stage

Pretending tears will hide a broken face.

Treating Her That Way

Words and Music by Kevin Coates

You've been walking a high wire

You've been playing with soul fire

And you think you've gained some control

when she's down and claws at the floor

You can hear the waves crash

You can see your life pass

Midnight approaches, you storm into her room

Whisky enhances the wrongs she's done

to you.


It ain't none of my business

I've heard what you say

And you may be right

You may be right

But why don't you stop treating her that way?

Now she's finally silent

She knows where she stands now

And I know she's made some mistakes

And I know that kid ain't your own

But that kid's just fourteen

And she needs attention

All she receives, the memory of your rage

Your eyes lit on fire

The pacing in

your cage.